We don´t sell promisses

We sell solutions

We don´t sell promisses
Our history
The Year of our First Deal! 
Opening of our first office in Faro. 
Opening of our first office in Faro. 
Our expansion demands a more settled presence in Vilamoura.
Opening of our first store! 
 Our growth is extended to the entire national territory with the inauguration of our first store outside the Algarve, in the beautiful city of Porto. 
During this year we boosted the Albufeira market with the opening of our first store in this important Algarve city.
Our commitment  in Albufeira is continuous and  forceful, with the inauguration of our second store in this area.
 Our presence in Albufeira is strengthened with the opening of our third store in just three years. 
 Opening of the second store in Vilamoura. 
Our Brand!
Our Brand!
Our company

SORTAMI is a real estate agency, whose team of multilingual professionals have been working in this field since 1989.
Our deep knowledge of the market, provides us with an excellent network of contacts, be it national or international.
The satisfaction of our customers is what has helped us to grow since the very beginning, because the personal and close contact we have with our customers is what allows us to find the right solutions, be it for our buyer or seller.
Our Experience
Our Experience
There are countless benefits in using a recognized mediator, such as SORTAMI, who knows the local market. When buying or selling a property trust the experience, of those who are always up to date on real estate market.
Our client managers have different nationalities and come from different contexts, so they are able to handle the most diverse situations and also to communicate in different languages, such as Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish , Dutch and Serbian.
Our service
Our service
Our mediation contract, without exclusivity, has the following services: 

- Market analysis;
- Photographic report / virtual tour (360º) of the property;
- Presence on SORTAMI website and newsletters;
- Promotion in the SORTAMI catalog;
- Disclosure in shop windows;
- Visits to the property with potential buyers;

If you are looking to buy your dream home, you can count on our support in the following areas:

- Financing solutions;
- Mediation of the entire negotiation process; 
- Viewings of all the properties suited to you;
- The best real estate opportunities;   
- Total availability of our team; 
Client support
Client support
We need to be aware of our clients´needs in order to guide them successfully! 

Buying Process 
a) Obtaining a Loan / Mortgage;
b) Research and analysis of legal documentation;
c) Technical inspection of the property;
d) Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale;
e) Deed of purchase and sale;
f) After  the Deed / registration;

a) Obtaining a Loan / Mortgage 
To obtain a loan it is necessary for the bank to evaluate the property you intend to buy. Usually, the guarantee of payment of the loan is the property itself. 
The client who wishes to obtain a loan must document their income for analysis. 
If you want to apply to the Bank, we recommend that you get a written approval of the loan, before signing the pledge agreement and paying the agreed fee.

b) Research and analysis of legal documentation

The lawyer chosen by the client will make sure that all documents relating to the property are in order and analyze, in particular, the following: 
a) Certificate of the land register;
b) Building record;
c)  Habitation / Usage License;
d) Technical File of Housing project;
e) Plants of the property;
f) Energy Efficiency Certificate;
g) Rules regarding  the condominium;
h) Proof of property tax payments;

- The property is in the name of the sellers;
- There are no mortgages, pawns, etc. and that the property is sold free of any charge of this type;
- The property does not have tax debts; 
- The property was built in accordance with Portuguese laws and regulations; 
- Areas in the legal documentation, so that the client can confirm that they correspond effectively to those that the property has and that no unauthorized changes have been made. 

c) Technical inspection of the property
If you have any doubts or simply want a technical report made by an engineer (property structure, state of the project, defects, etc.), you should contact an engineer for this purpose (costs to be agreed directly with the engineer).   
d) Promissory Contract of Purchase and Sale
After confirming that the legal documentation is in order, your lawyer will prepare the promissory contract of purchase.
At the time of signing the contract, a deposit is usually paid, between 10% and 30% of the price. 
The contract is a document binding both parties, sellers and buyers, and contains the agreed terms and conditions, in detail and to ensure the guarantee of all the rights of the buyer.
The legal regime in Portugal establishes that if the buyer gives up the business, he loses the deposit already paid. If it is the seller who gives up, he is obliged to pay back the amount in double that he had previously received from the buyer as a deposit. 
e) Deed of purchase and sale 
The purchase is only finalized when the definitive deed is signed at the notary and the land register is made in the name of the buyer. At this point the entire price has to be paid (or the rest missing if a deposit has been paid before). 
The price is usually transferred a few days before to your lawyer´s account and the same day is paid through a certified cashier´s check  to the order of the seller,  issued from the said lawyer´s bank account. 

The purchase of a property implies the payment of certain taxes. These are the taxes inherent in the purchase and ownership of a property in Portugal: 
1. IMT and stamp duty
2. Notary and registration
3. Lawyer, real estate agent and engineer
4. Loan / mortgage costs
5. IMI 
1. IMT and stamp duty
The IMT consists of a single payment made before the deed of sale and can go up to 6% when the property is intended for housing (the value of the tax depends on the type of property and its price).
When the property is intended for commerce or services, the rate to be applied is 6.5%. When it comes to rustic buildings, the rate is 5%. The Stamp Tax is also a one-time payment,  made before the final deed, in the amount of 0.8% of the property price.

2. Notary and records                                                         
The notary costs about 500 € per deed (if you have loans, consider 2 deeds). Each registration costs around € 250. A simple buy and sell will cost around € 750.
3. Lawyer, real estate agent and other stakeholders

The fees payable to the professionals involved in the negociation, depend in each case, on the agreement between the professionals and the clientes. The lawyer´s fees take into account the price of the property and are usually between 1% and 2% plus VAT.
The commission of real estate agents, mostly is 5% plus VAT (Note that in Portugal who pays the commission to the agent is the seller).
4. Loan / mortgage costs
If the purchase involves a loan and consequent mortgage, you will still have to consider the stamp duty of 0.6% on the loan amount as well as all (variable) expenses of the bank process.
5. IMI
After purchase, the owner is responsible for the payment of IMI. This tax is paid by the property owner on the 31 December of the year to which it relates. The amount is calculated based on the equity value of the property and according to the rate defined annually by the respective City Hall.
Rates range from 0.3% to 0.5%, for rustic buildings is 0.8%. The equity value depends on several factors, such as type, location and age of the property.

Our properties
Our properties
We work in different market segments, which, given their specific characteristics, do not always admit or justify the availability of certain properties online, when this happens, please contact us.

If you would like information about the following properties: 
- Apartments and villas;
- Offices, shops and commercial spaces;
- Warehouses and industrial spaces;
- Hotels and Tourism;
- Buildings;
- Land for sale as real estate promotion or for turistic purposes;
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